Karen Osburn
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Karen Osburn comes from a family of musical artist and has been an artist her entire life. She has written numerous songs and has published 5 CDs. Three of her CDs are available on CDBaby. Her genre is primarily Country and also does classic rock, big band and top 50s through 90s. She has a beautiful voice that resembles Patsy Cline. Karen has had an outstanding year in 2017 that has helped her build a firm foundation for more success in 2018.
01. Until We Meet Again - Kembal PLAY -
02. Until We Meet Again PLAY - BUY -
03. The Good Ole Days PLAY - BUY -
04. Grandma's House PLAY - BUY -
05. The Snow Is Falling PLAY - BUY -
06. Decorate The Tree PLAY - BUY -
07. Christmas Blues PLAY - BUY -
08. Christmas Time PLAY - BUY -
09. Merry Christmas Waltz PLAY - BUY -
010. Christmas Time Swing PLAY - BUY -